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NEWS: Launching SAFEUP 2.2

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be launching brand new versions of both SafeUp APP and webportal. The result presented by the new version has both been our response to user feedback, but also our ambition to improve user experience. Review the major changes below:

APP - General Changes
  • Major change in user interface and experiences taking full advantage of latest development tools and support

  • Workflow optimization

  • Data optimization for improved user experiences

  • Added flexibility to accommodate site-specific priorities

Operations - used for added tools tracking and user accountability
  • Add operations in seconds with improved user experiences

  • Emphasis on effective registrations including operation edit

  • Choice to restrict to selected operators or allow anyone to register in operation

Operations-"less" - used when operation link is not relevant; - as example when radios, headsets, gaz meter, etc are loaned to visitors
  • Registration for operator commitment and accountability

  • Select or add operator name

  • Set loan period – end date

  • Scan for register and return.. and you are done!

Personal/Global External – register products that are not part of site inventory to be used at any site with SafeUp solution available
  • Personal External – only available for you personally, but at any site. RFID is optional.

  • Global External – tools available for any

registration at any site using the SafeUp solution. RFID is required.

Critical Area – always know who has entered and left critical area
  • Click box - select critical area (if multiple) - search & select operator - confirm – only takes a few seconds

  • Dashboard view updated

  • Also available in web portal dashboard including details and historic log

SafeUp Web Portal
  • Operator report including option to add, edit and remove

  • Feature to transfer operators between sites

  • Critical Area dashboard and details including historic log... ….adds to current features including dashboard view including details and registration log.

May 2, 2023-jg

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