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SafeUp APP 2.3 and WebPortal launched....

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Release 6.9.23

During the last month we have had some priorities to add features to the webportal. However, also our APP has been given some important updates to add further value based on our user feedback.

SafeUp APP 2.3 version

Please note that any new APP update is available on Google Play Store. Either when search and find APP on Google Play or if you restart the APP, you will be asked to do update when this is available. We will also send notifications when new version is available.

New APP features are:

Norwegian Language Module - possible to swap language at anytime * Language selection available in ADMIN Menu (top bar) * Select language with immediate change in APP * No need to sign-in or reconnect RFID reader

Add Operator in Critical Area registrations If Operator is not found in register, it is now possible to add new operator without the need to leave the registration page using the "+ Operator" button. When new operator registration is saved, you are back to Critical Area registrations with Operator selected.

TRANSFER products Update

When transferring products, it is now possible to select from list of operations if operator is active in more than one operation to know in which work area the product is transferred to.

Camera feature added

It is now possible to add product photo both when registering site and external equipment. Click the camera button either to add or replace a photo.

New WEBPORTAL features are:

We are now adding some major added functionality in our WebPortal. This webportal is obviously available anytime and anywhere, and provides login levels on COMPANY and SITE levels.

WEBPORTAL new features are:


It is now possible to maintain Supplier register on the desktop. You can EDIT, ADD and DELETE registered companies. This is required to register visiting personnel involved with on-site work.


To do tools registrations, it is required that there is an active Operations either for specific Operators or any. Until now, such Operations were required to be registered on the mobile device. But not anymore! On the WebPortal it is now possible to EDIT, ADD and DELETE Operations. As example, with editing you can easily extend duration of the Operation or add/remove Operators


The inventory features provides a list of all tools and products registered in SafeUp with major information and features available: * Items availability information * Last registration details * ADD, EDIT and DELETE items * Change/Remove RFID tag information (desktop reader required for RFID read) * Check item status (lost/defect) * Check Expire/Inspection Date * Manage Documents * Item Location changes (coming soon)

Reports & Lists

If standard report setup (select columns, change order of columns, grouping, filtering or sorting is now "remembered". Same setup will show next time that the report or feature is selected.

What to expect next....

Based on the feedback we are receiving form our current user base, there will be further value added features to come!

  • WebPortal Notification Center - standard and tailored scheduled or automatic alerts and messages

  • Item Location change - effective feature to change the location of an item/asset; - both on APP and WebPortal

  • SafeUpReady features - making it even easier when adding new items from suppliers

Check out our future blogs to stay updated, both for current users to take advantage of new features, and also for potential users to understand the values to your operations our SafeUp-solution brings.

Contact us on for any further questions or request demo!

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