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Exploring the Enhanced Functions of SafeUp WebPortal: What's New for Users?

This week, we are launching an update of the SafeUp WebPortal. Our focus has been to better support the SafeUp-registrations from a central location for added efficiency and operataor support. Not required to use the tablet.

The TRANSFER feature allows tools and equipment to be transferred between operators or admin without doing the check-in procedure. Until recently only possible using the APP, but now also available in the SafeUp portal. This feature is typically used when tools and equipment are planned to be used for example by next shift operator. No need to carry the item(s) unnecessarily from and back to the work area.

The CRITICAL AREA features allows for registrations when operators enters or leave areas tagged as "critical area" (typically "Derrick"). This is now available also in the portal making the registration independent on accessing the APP/tablet. Again; - providing better operator service and flexibility.

The NOTIFICATION center allows for automatic alerts and messages sent to a list of targeted receivers. Each Company or Site can decide individually what alerts/messages is of interest and add recipients. When service is launched, the following will be included:

  • PRODUCT(S) NOT RETURNED - providing information related to tools/equipment not checked in at end of Operation including registration details

  • STATUS CHANGED - provides information on tools/equipment checked in with change of Status (for example "DEFECT"). Changed Status will result in product not eligible for check out registration. Action to be taken to fix or replace.

  • EXPIRE DATE PASSED - provides a list of tools/equipment with expire dates passed. Note: Registrations are still allowed.

Further alerts and/or messages will be added based on user feedback and requests.

Need further information? Call Ruben on +47 91906092 or email

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