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Registrations made easy...

No Charging required...

No Bluetooth Connections required...

Always ready for your registrations...

SafeUp Kiosk 1.0 requires power and either WIFI or cabled internet connection. for continuous service. Once configured; - always on and always ready to register. No charging and no bluetooth connection required. And also up to 8-10 years of expected service!

We are also in a planning and testing phase for a Zone 1 certified Kiosk expected to be in pilot testing during September/October! Stay tuned!


Being an independent products provider, we work with all leading suppliers of mobile platforms to support our solution. Either if your requirement are ATEX zone 1 or 2, or even "rugged industrial" only, we will provide the solution best fitted for your needs.


Choosing the correct tag solution that fits your requirement and working environment needs a wide portfolio of both HF and UHF tags. We have solid experience with industrial applications to ensure that what you get is what you need. The ability to read the asset ID throughout the asset lifetime is critical for most applications.

We can offer a wide range of RFID tags, HF and UHF, for the purpose of identification of tools and equipment through

item lifetime. It is possible to order tools including tagging and imported to your SafeUp license, or we can tag your existing tools and equipment.

See "RFID Tagging"-section of our website for some further details.

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