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Your Ultimate Safety & Efficiency Companion now available on IOS platforms

Updated: Apr 12

Until now, the SafeUp APP for adding efficiency and supporting safety measures in the Oil & Gaz industry was only available for Android OS. As there are several sites, and especially in the North Sea sector, that operates with Apple IOS platforms, we decided to finalize development of the SafeUp IOS version. Initially fitted for the Apple iPAD Mini Zone 1 tablet.

The IOS version is identical to the Android version that already has been operating for more than 2 years, and also shares the same SafeUp Webportal.

We are currently in a test and piloting phase for the IOS version - taking part of the test program is open for both current and new SafeUp-users.

New User Role - SafeUp Personal User

With the development of the IOS-version, we are also adding a new user role with individual login for using the application on personal devices. The user experience is further simplified for example as search and select operator is not anymore needed.

Fixed RFID UHF readers and kiosks...

With the iWAP107 RFID UHF fixed network reader for ATEX Zone 1 environment you are not any longer dependent on bluetooth readers . Always operational with no charging or connect procedures required.

Dependent on site infrastructure and user requirements, we can set up the iWAP107 both for tablets/smartphones or the full "kiosk" including reader and Windows HMI.

Already, we have delivered the first "kiosk" for non-ATEX environment used to register and control use of lending equipment (radio, headsets, gaz meters, etc) and other equipment typically stored in non-ATEX environments with proven stability and efficiency.

Are you interested to know more about our SafeUp IOS version? ..., or are you interested to know more about our RFID tag scanning options that does not require charging or Bluetooth devices and connections?

We would gladly tell you more about what our new developments can offer to support your daily operations! Contact us on and we will get in touch!

Would RFID Network Reader with no need for charging and Bluetooth device be of interest?

  • 0%YES; - more effective and easier asset scanning is preferred

  • 0%NO; - I am OK with using Bluetooth devices for RFID scanning

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