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Registrations made easy; - no charging or bluetooth reader connect required...

Until now, the only option to run the SafeUp solution for tools and equipment control has been Android tablet and Bluetooth connected reader.

To offer alternative solution for further ease-of-use, we have been developing a station/kiosk solution. A "kiosk" that do not require charging, being always connected to power; - and also including a fixed RFID UHF reader with no more need for Bluetooth connecting!

Connect to the SafeUp solution either with WIFI or network cable, and you are ready to go!

The first "non"-ATEX version is on its way for field testing as we speak. This unit will typically be used for registrations of lending equipment like radios, headsets, gas meters and climbing equipment, but also for personnel (entering log). These registrations are typically done in non-ATEX areas.

Note that we have also developed a "special version" of our APP fitted for these kind of registrations. Select Operator ⇢ Scan Equipment ⇢ Select Return Date ⇢ Save! Done in a couple of seconds with full control of who is the "loaner" and when is the expected return. Also full visibility in the WebPortal. AND within short also automatic alerts if not returned as scheduled.

The ATEX Zone 1 version is expected to be available for field testing during the next couple of months; - typically used for registration of tools and equipment the requires logging and control.

We will provide further updates on these developments, and are inviting our customers to post interest either for trials, rental or investment.

Visit our website or contact us on or visit our website for further details.

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