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Enhancing Quality, Control, and Efficiency in Your Daily Work Flows

SafeUpReady tools are RFID tagged tools ready for import to the SafeUp application. Such import includes product details, drop specs, RFID, user manual and certificates.

When ordering SafeUpReady, you can immediately start tools registrations with no actions required from your side as we will do the import to your site license during delivery. This includes both delivery of complete hight lockers, and also any supplementary deliveries thereafter.

With SafeUp you can manage, control and add efficiency to any registration requirement; - both for tools, equipment and personnel. Current use areas are tools high lockers, lending equipment, lifting equipment, critical area entry. With SafeUp you will always know where these items are used, who has it, when is it expected to be available and if it is working.

SafeUpReady tools can either be ordered from SafeUp Tracking Solutions (see webshop) or H. M. Albretsen Verktøysikring AS. SPECIAL OFFER: If ordering complete hight lockers until end of year, SafeUp will deliver RFID tagged tools at no extra cost.

If unknown to what the SafeUp application can offer, further information can be provided on our website or to get in touch with us on and phone

+47 62809900.


SafeUp Tracking Solutions AS - - - +47 6280 9900

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