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Improved Safety & Efficiency

RFID and IIoT based solutions that contribute to increased safety, improved efficiency and lower costs, as well as better utilization of material and resources.

  •      Efficient and secure real-time tracking / control of equipment used for high-area work operations

  •      Automatic non-conformity reporting (according to specified rules)

  •      Increases awareness and guidance of the correct safety equipment

  •      Strengthens security and maintenance routines and their follow-up

  •      Increased accountability

  •      Availability of logs and documentation

  •      More efficient control / follow-up processes

  •      Automatic messages and alerts (maintenance / certification / ...)

  •      Better control over the status and inventory of tools; - including tools external

  •      Reduced waste

  •      Simple replacement order

  • Exchange of data with other IT systems - allows for better analysis

There are still too many incidents that are reported as "dropped objects", and this therefore poses a significant safety challenge. Studies have shown that these challenges are linked to both work processes, behavior and inadequate equipment security. - Samarbeid for Sikkerhet 2018

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