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RFID Tagged tools

Resulting from our partnership with Albretsen Verktøysikring AS, we have developed a tailored solution to add RFID tags, both HF and alternative UHF, to tools delivered after 2015. The video below demonstrates the mounting of our Duracap-tag fitted for most of the items in a tools aloft locker. Our choice of RFID tags makes the tagging process quick and easy, and without any need for specialized tools or processes.

We can guide and assist any tagging requirement related to your assets. And this is not limited to tools. With the SafeUp solution it is also possible to "track & trace" assets like lifting equipment, radios, headsets, and more.

When ordering new tools from either Albretsen Verktøysikring or from SafeUp, you can choose for the "SafeUpReady"-option. Every item is then RFID tagged, and all tool specific details and documentation will be available for upload to the SafeUp application. No other action required from your side to start registrations!

There are major benefits in deploying the SafeUp solution on your site. Effective registrations of tools and personnel, reduced risks of forgotten or lost items, less time used for asset search, access to asset documents, drop details, and much more. Our installed base is increasing, startup is proven easy, and user feedback is very positive.

Some RFID tagging examples....

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