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SafeupReady & RFID tagged tools available

Being based on our strong partnership with H M Albretsen Verktøysikring AS, we are now introducing our online tool to request for RFID tagged and SafeupReady tools. Anything from single tools and dimensions up to complete work aloft cabinets. And, off course, being produced with exactly the same industry standards and quality!

By adding your required tools in the "RFQ Cart" we will send you our best offer within a day or two. No orders are yet placed. This online service only serves as a request support selecting specific tools, safety items and specifications.

When using our "RFQ Shop" and then placing the order to SafeUp, we will provide all tools already available in the Safeup solution for the site and location the tools will be used. We will also be able to provide an excel-file including the same data if requested.

As an alternative to using our RFQ online service, we will also accept your list of tools including productID and/or description to create our offer for your evaluation.

Tracking of tools "digitally" will become the standard requirement for several reasons, and using RFID for robust and lifelong identification is the solution.

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