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RFID Tools tagging; - new & existing...

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Starting to use the SafeUp application requires tagging of tools with RFID tags. RFID tagged tools can either be provided from SafeUp/Albretsen Verktøysikring and/or mounted on your existing tools.

New tools RFID tagging

Tools can be ordered including RFID tagging; - either from SafeUp or Albretsen Verktøysikring (see SHOP for details). When ordering these tools from SafeUp, and if you are already using the SafeUp application, each ordered tool will be setup in your license including all required details and documentation. Ready to scan/register when received on site.

Obviously, registration of tools can also be done on-site in the SafeUp APP by your own personnel.

Existing tools RFID tagging

You do not need to purchase new tools to start using the SafeUp application. Any tools or other equipment that requires logging and registration of use for control and follow-up can be tagged and added to your site license product register (also including any sub-location you would create).

You can choose whether you wish to do this tagging with your own resources, or we can have personnel on-site to do the job for you. We can also provide online support during a tagging process. Anyway, we will provide a manual with "best practices" to support this work; - including both RFID tagging and the registrations into your SafeUp license.

Our newly developed "DuraCap" RFID UHF or HF tag (see details in pictures above) comes in several sizes to be mounted (glued) on the bolt head of the security clamp for quick, easy and accessible ID tagging (for 2015 and later tools deliveries).

We have already experienced that SafeUp is not only used for height locker tools. There are also other areas, products and equipment that benefit from effective registrations for management and control. Less tools/equipment lost or missing; - less time spent. Such examples are radios, headsets and gas monitors. The SafeUp solution is also being used in lifting containers to control lifting equipment like shackles, eyebolts a.o.

We invite you to discuss the requirements and best solution to fulfill your specific needs. Get in touch either on email or call us on +47 6280 9900.

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