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Easy management & control of operators in Critical Areas with real-time view

Based on user feedback we will, before the end of the year, launch a "re-make" of our personnel control feature to focus on operators entering and exiting what is considered as CRITICAL AREAS.

Within the SafeUp-application "dashboard" we are presenting a real-time view of tools registered and personnel having active OPERATIONS. This view is available both on the mobile unit and our webportal.

The CRITICAL AREA dashboard "box" will show the number of personnel registered in any critical area in real-time. By clicking this box, you will see the list of operators registered with both name and company, the area entered and also the time of entry. Any personnel registered in SafeUp can be easily registered.

The webportal will also include a separate log report on all critical area entries and exits.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you wish to get more information both on the SafeUp solution in general or the "critical area"-feature specifically.

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