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Digital Logbook...

Efficient Risk Management...

Equipment Tracking...

Realtime Control...

Critical Area Personnel logs...

Critical safety and operational efficiencies can be achieved through the "digitization" of the logbook by utilizing mobile solutions and secure ID capture using RFID to manage and control any equipment or tools being used in work areas.

Replacing current analogue and time consuming routines with the SafeUp solution will change all this to the better!

SafeUp provides realtime status and tracking of any onboard operation always with any tools or equipment "connected" either to a location or to an operator preventing lost or missing items. Tools and other equipment can easily be labelled different status for immediate follow-up, any required document is instantly available, and with the desktop webportal activities can easily be monitored and tracked. With SafeUp, you will always be able to answer questions related to "Where is it?", "Who has it?", "Is it working?"


Look to our blog to find some other key features we have decided to include in our solution.

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The digitalization of the logbook to add accountability, traceability and cost effectivity by replacing manual and time consuming processes in tools and equipment handling.

With the SafeUp-application, we target to find the most effective solution to any logging requirement at site.

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A broad range of the products that you need to support our SafeUp-solution. Readers, handhelds, tags and labels. RFID technology with robust design to work in harsh environments. And including ATEX certificates when required. Suppliers include Tectus, Bartec, Ecom, Zebra, Infochip, and more.



"SafeupReady" tools are RFID (HF & UHF) tagged tools ready for import to the SafeUp "digital logbook" solution. Such import would also include product documents like user manual, specifications and certificates.

Note that our "shop" is not an order commitment. Adding the requested products to the "RFQ Cart" only serves as a request for quote. Using our "Shop" (RFQ) will result in a firm offer from us within short. Any order will only be registered based on your formal PO or confirmed offer.

If you are already using our Safeup application, choosing the option for "SafeupReady" tools means that these tools would be immediately available for registrations in your license; - no action required on your side!

Our "SafeupReady" tools are based on our partnership with H.M. Albretsen Verktøysikring AS.

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