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User tips (1) - Global External Tools

With SafeUp, you are not only able to control your on-site tools!

Tools and equipment that is brought onboard temporarily for specific operations can be registered in SafeUp to make use of the same control and efficiency that is offered for your "on-site" tools.

If such tools are labelled as "global external" using an RFID tag for robust and life-long identification, this product can be easily registered in the SafeUp solution. Also, if registered as a global external tool, this tool will be available for digital registrations at any location where SafeUp is being used. You register once, and the job is done!

With the SafeUp solution you have always real-time information regarding both personnel, tools and equipment being deployed in one or more operations.

Wish to know more about how SafeUp can add efficiency and quality to your on-site tools management and control? Get in touch with Ruben (!

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