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First "SafeUp Ready" Work Aloft Locker on the way...

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

The first work aloft lockers completely tagged with RFID for more efficient registration and control of tools and equipment used for modification and maintenance work, are now located in the North Sea!

The lockers are supplied by H.M. Albretsen Verktøysikring AS, which in collaboration with SafeUp has marked all content in the work aloft locker.

That these lockers are "SafeUp Ready" means that all content is registered in the SafeUp solution. With this registration, the solution is not only ready for use, but the registration also includes access to user manuals, certificates, weight class and drop specification for all products registered.

It will always be most efficient and cost-saving if RFID tagging takes place in connection with the production of the work aloft locker. However, alternatives are either to replace content with RFID-tagged tools or to tag existing tools afterwards (on-site).

SafeUp sets up the solution so that it can be used immediately. The solution provides real-time information on tools and equipment; - and ensures responsibility, tracking and cost-effectiveness to reduce the risk of forgotten equipment.

Do you wish to know more what SafeUp can offer?

Contact Ruben Johansen - - phone: +47 9190 6092

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